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Desktop or Rackmount KVM Switch

Raritan’s expreZo™ EZswitch provides consolidated desktop or at-the-rack KVM switching of multiple servers and PCs.  This inexpensive PS/2 and USB KVM switch provides access to 8 or 16 servers and can be cascaded to connect to up to 4,096 devices. It’s ideal for Small to Medium-Size Businesses that need BIOS-level adminstration of computers for rebooting or troubleshooting. 




Paragon II is a series of Cat5 analog KVM switches for IT and broadcast. A single switch can connect to 32, 42, or 64 multi-platform servers, or; along with optional stacking unit, can connect to 128 servers. It accommodates 2, 4, 8, or 16 users. Easily connect to USB or PS/2 ports.